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A baby Magpie was bullied by her family and other birds.

Tired and exhausted she came to stay at Grandma's house.

                                                                                                                    This is her story.



9  Aussie Fables

1   Lizardman and his Mobile Phone

2   Miss Sugar Glider Helps the Bush Creatures

3   Miss Thorny Devil Looks at the Sky

4   Mr Frogman is Frazzled

5   Harry the Moray Eel is Unhappy

6   Miss Possum is not Happy with her Appearance

7   Mrs Kangaroo goes shopping

8   Curlewman Looses a Finger

9   Meeting at the Waterhole


Lizard man was a great mobile phone user. Wherever he went he had his lizard head buried in his  mobile phone, his eyes scanning Lizard Face Book and Critter to see what his lizard friends were up to. He occasionally posted his  exploits of  eating the largest grasshopper and the juiciest slug in Nerang. He was so into lizard media, in fact he didn’t even look where he was going. So much so that one day   ........

The-Art-of-Nursing book reality

The nursing profession can be characterised as a unique blend of attributes and philosophies that encompass scientific knowledge and artistic process.

The interpersonal experience of caring in nursing is associated with a positivist sense of expression, acute observation, and compassion.

It shares with artistic experience an intense motivation and analysis that involves the creative engagement of the senses.

This research is informed by my forty-six years of working as a practicing registered nurse, and it takes an interdisciplinary approach between fine arts and nursing science to explore the elusive qualities of the human caring experience.

Nurse to Doctor Book

Hazel is shy and sensitive and wants to be an artist or singer. However, at age eighteen, she commences her registered nurse training at King's College Hospital, London, to escape from a difficult home life and become independent.

Training in midwifery, tropical diseases, and cardiothoracic nursing, her love of art and music mingle with her nursing life, as she sings to the dying, makes Christmas decorations for the wards, and turns her room in the nurses' home into a miniature art studio.

Hazel meets the love of her life handsome Ghanaian, Albert Allotey and experiences the dramatic force and emotional highs and lows of loving an African in 1970’s racial intolerant Britain.

She emigrates to Australia in 1977.

From nursing leprosy patients at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, London, to suturing wounds on Heron Island, Queensland, Hazel writes candid stories of triumph, tragedy and hilarity, and expounds the close human connections that are formed between nurse and patient.

The Commonwealth of Nations Anthems and Flags is a coffee table book and educational resource.

The book includes the anthems and flags of each of the countries within the Commonwealth of Nations.

Also featured are 53 illustrations of endangered animals, including the Monk Seal of Malta, the Black Rhino of Swaziland and the White Tiger of Bangladesh.

This book was a souvenir for the 2018, Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.